St Hild And St Bede Trust




The Trust was created in April 1979 when the Church of England teacher training colleges of St Hild (for women) and St Bede (for men) were closed and became part of the University of Durham as the College of St Hild and St Bede. The Trust was endowed with the assets of the two colleges.  The Trustees have charge of:-

(1) The St Hild and St Bede Trust which is made up of the former St Hild’s College Charity founded in 1858 and the College of the Venerable Bede Charity founded in 1845.

(2) The Robert Thompson Memorial Prize Foundation 1967.


The Object of the Charity

(1) The object of the charity shall be the advancement of higher and further education in the area comprising the dioceses of Durham and Newcastle in such ways as the Managing Trustees may, from time to time, determine.

(2) In furthering the object of the charity, the Managing Trustees shall have regard to:-

(a) the advancement of education in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of England

(b) the needs of students undergoing training as teachers, and particularly of those who are members of the university.

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