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The Impact of the Charity

In recent years, in addition to providing grants for individual students and ministers, the Charity has been able to support several organisations and initiatives which include:-


The North East Religious Learning Resources Centre (RRC)

The North East Religious Resources Centre (known locally as the Religious Resources Centre or the ‘RRC’) has two regional centres: one at Church House, St John’s Terrace, North Shields and one at Cuthbert House, Stonebridge Lane, Durham.

The Religious Resources Centre’s aim is to advance Religious Education, understood in it’s broadest sense in educational and faith contexts. The Religious Resources Centre is open at both of its sites Monday to Friday, and on ten Saturdays in the year.

Membership is open to all though it is particularly relevant to students, teachers and ministers. Extensive resources to support religious education, learning and literacy are available in a wide range of media including: artefacts, topic boxes, story-bags, Godly Play, written and audio visual resources. In addition the Religious Resources Centre reviews and catalogues appropriate online, and downloadable, materials.

The Religious Resources Centre also provides advice, guidance, assistance and training to those involved with the teaching of Religious Education.

Durham and Newcastle Dioceses are fortunate to have the RRC in the region when such resources centres are becoming less available nationally.

The Religious Resources Centre’s submits an annual review to the Trust which highlights the excellent work, and the impact of that work, in the region.

To visit the RRC please visit:


Unlock at Town End Farm and in Byker and Walker

The funding provided by the St Hild and St Bede Trust has allowed the appointment of part-time workers. The workers organise activities within the community which include, amongst other things, ‘We’ll Meet Again’, a club catering for the more isolated members of the community “Messy church” an alternative to a Toddler Group, “Craft and chat sessions” etc. The aim is to bring about faith conversations and to focus on potential leaders who could take the work forward in the community.


The Prayer Spaces Project in Schools

The Prayer Spaces in Schools Project is recognised nationally. It works with young people and inspires faith conversations, questioning and leadership. The project, through the support of the St Hild and St Bede Trust, has been able to expand its work in both Dioceses. Very positive feedback has been received from both primary and secondary schools.


The Support for the Joint Education Team

The funding in 2018/2019 was largely used to support the work of two Religious Education Advisers. They have run Continuous Professional Development in schools for New Headteachers and trained RE staff with regards to the new ‘Understanding Christianity’ initiatives. In addition the advisers provide support with regards to Religious Education, worship and leadership to individual schools. This work will continue into 2019/2020.

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